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The Sanshin Electronics Group sells semiconductors and electronic parts produced by manufacturers in Japan and overseas. The Group also provides turnkey solutions in cooperation with module manufacturers. Please feel free to contact us regarding any products that interest you.

Renesas Electronics Corporation

Handles semiconductor products that can be used for a full spectrum of applications, centered on its No. 1 global share in MCUs.

Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited

Handles a wide variety of connectors, user interfaces, solutions (operation-switcher assemblies, touch-panel monitors, etc.), motion sensors and controllers (resolvers).


A major, comprehensive semiconductor manufacturer located in Europe. Handles semiconductor products for a wide variety of applications.

Synaptics Incorporated.

A manufacturer of the 1st place of world share by a controller for screen touch operation which becomes standard by smart phone and a tablet.

Seiko Instruments Inc.

Offers a wide-raging lineup of products such as power ICs, sensors and memory.

SII Semiconductor Corporation

Offers a wide-raging lineup of products such as power ICs, sensors and memory.

Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd.

Handles application processors for tablet PCs, STBs and dongles.

O2Micro International Ltd.

Handles products that meet a full range of requirements.

Frontier Silicon Ltd.

Handles a wide range of DAB-related ICs and modules.

pixelworks, Inc.

Handles ASSPs for image processing in LCD panels and SoCs for projectors.

BayHub Technology Ltd.

Handles a wide range of interface-switching bridge ICs.

Aviacomm Inc.

Handles wide-band RFICs for 3G/4G, TVWS, smart grids and special wireless applications.

ITT Cannon, Ltd.

Handles a wide array of connectors (including round, square, circuit-board and coaxial) for energy devices, medical devices, industrial equipment and AV equipment.

NEC TOKIN Corporation

Handles various capacitors, on-board and communication relays, magnetic devices and sensors.

NLT Technologies, Ltd.

Handles video-display equipment such as color and black-and-white LCD modules.